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SMT Catch up July 2020

From Lockdown to Level 1

What a roller coaster of a time the last few months have been! The SMT Team hope you are well and safe. We have done well as a country moving from lockdown to level 1!

Lockdown brought both challenges and opportunities to the Southern Music Therapy team. All face-to-face therapy sessions had to stop during lockdown. The team quickly developed the idea of offering Telehealth- having sessions via the internet. We worked hard doing the necessary research and training to be able to offer our clients a way to continue with their therapy online, and also maintain existing relationships during lockdown.

Our telehealth sessions received much positive feedback and also resulted in SMT providing services for a number of disability organisations during the lockdown period, including virtual singing groups. The team were kept busy as we strived to be innovative and offer best practice in our delivery of telehealth to our clients. Some of our clients are opting to continue to have therapy this way after the Covid-19 measures eased.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and cooperation during this period. We are also grateful to the generous music therapy community worldwide for resources and support during the Covid-19 lockdown.


SMT YouTube Channel

Our Youtube channel was developed to support our clients who were unable to access online sessions or had difficulties with technology. The team had fun learning new skills and staying connected musically using the Acapella app. Click HERE to watch us online!


Cantabrainers Choir Zooms along!

The Cantabrainers Choir stopped meeting in person when we went into lockdown. This did not prevent the group from staying connected. SMT music therapist Kimberley Wade worked with speech language therapist Angela Reimer to develop a weekly online choir programme over the Zoom platform to enable members to keep working on their therapeutic goals through singing together. They also maintained connections and a sense of belonging with each other while in physical isolation. The choir resumed face to face in mid June with a celebratory morning tea. Watch the choir's latest video HERE


A New Piano!

We have a new piano! A generous supporter of SMT has donated a good second hand Yamaha piano. It will make a huge difference to our work at the clinic. Thank you to everyone who has supported this cause. We are so grateful!



From student to therapist

Lucy Kelly was on a student placement at SMT last year and recently joined our team. We are excited to announce that she is now a qualified music therapist and will shortly receive her NZ registration. Her thesis was on the use of the violin in therapy. Congratulations Lucy!

May's first anniversary

May Clulee is celebrating one year with SMT team this July! It has been a very exciting year working at the clinic, in the community and with Cantabrainers choir. She looks forward to the next twelve months and beyond!

New Services!

  • We are offering Telehealth to those who live in the wider Canterbury region and are outside our geographic service area.

  • We are now available for sessions in Rangiora, Waimakariri

Contact us to find out more about these exciting new services!

Thank you for reading! - The Southern Music Therapy Team


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