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Individual Sessions | Music Therapy | SMT


Through exercises such as breathing, rhythmic exercises, and music listening, clients will be empowered with self-regulation tools to develop mindfulness and improve relaxation. Every person is unique, and every individual has different needs. SMT provides options to suit different situations. 

All new clients to Southern Music Therapy will be required to attend an initial session, this session will allow our therapists to determine the best option for the client. If you are interested in music therapy, please complete our referral form.

Ongoing individual Music Therapy sessions are held for 11 weekly blocks of therapy sessions during school terms (SMT term dates). 


We have experience working with people with mental health issues, intellectual disability, older persons wellbeing, children, and people with neurologic conditions

We have experience working collaboratively with many allied health professionals either through consultation or on-going, joint individual or group sessions. We enjoy working alongside other team members involved in the clients rehabilitation and adding value to the understanding of client’s needs, challenges, strengths and abilities.

SMT work closely with many ACC clients, including:

  • Rehabilitation clients

  • Sensitive Claims clients

SMT is a vendor with ACC, if you need to know more, please complete our referral form & email


Kimberley Wade started music therapy with my mother late May 2012.

Mum was very opposed to such therapy even though she had very limited vocabulary since sustaining a stroke back in March 2011. Mum has severe Aphasia and severe Apraxia and was very self-conscious of this when people she was unfamiliar with were around.

With a great deal of patience, enthusiasm and encouragement Kimberley showed, mum slowly let Kimberley into her world.

Mum as well as the rest of the family are grateful to Kimberley for the time she has spent with mum, coupled with the amazing improvements mum has made with Music Therapy, as communicating verbally has become a lot easier and cleared for all concerned.

It has now got to the stage in Mum's rehabilitation that Kimberley's Music Therapy is mum's highlight of the week.

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