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Southern Music Therapy has a variety of different groups available. Group work can be a more cost-effective way of accessing music therapy however we are particular in the members we group together to ensure that the clients get the best out of the sessions.


Group music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for participants to interact socially through music-based activities. Group work can happen through similar clients being a part of a small group of 3 members through to larger groups and choirs.

Jammin’ Groups

Our Jammin' groups provide children and young adults with additional learning needs an opportunity to come together, connect and build relationships in the community through collaborative creative interactions in a supportive and respectful environment. The sessions are facilitated by a Registered Music Therapist.  

Term Bookings: $350 Plus GST for an 11-week term, this includes 1 FREE session (refer to our term dates here)

Duration: 50 minutes.

Attendees: Minimum 5 clients and limited to 9 clients (each client can bring one support person).

Funding: Enabling Good Lives funding can be used for our groups.


Adult Jammin' Groups:

Halswell – Jammin’ Group – 2pm Mondays @ Halswell Community Centre.

Rangiora – North Canterbury Jammin’ Group – 11am Tuesdays @ Rangiora War Memorial.

Papanui – Papanui Jammin’ Group – 2.30pm Thursdays @ Braintree Wellness Centre.

Halswell – Jammin’ Group – 1pm Mondays @ Halswell Community Centre - (Full Group) - please contact us to go on the waitlist.

Children Jammin' Groups:

Our Junior Jammin' group is made up of 5 – 7 children aged between 8-12 years old. It is an inclusive band where they get to be together in a safe and supportive creative space to promote wellness – run by a registered Music Therapist and student Music Therapist.


Papanui - Junior Jammin Group – The Jay Jay’s - 3.45pm Thursdays @ Braintree Wellness Centre.


Music and Movement Groups

Our Music and Movement Group is run by a registered Neurologic Music Therapist, and assistant. This is for people with neurological conditions to help motivate and participate fully in the group. Working on their movement goals using neuroscientific models of music perception and production.  Main areas of focus are motor organisation, range of movement, flexibility, gross and fine movement.

Halswell – Music and Movement Group – 10am Tuesdays @ Granada Centre, Halswell (Closed Group)

Burwood - Burwood Hospital – Music and movement Group – (Closed Group)

Papanui - Laura Fergusson Residential – (Closed Group)

Please contact us to be put on the waitlist for Music and Movement Group.

Southern Music Therapy is in partnership with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Once a year, we try to connect our clients with the musicians from the CSO. To be a part of these collaborations please contact us to go on our waitlist.

Groove Groups

Our Groove Groups are more intimate groups with 2-4 people that have additional learning needs. Each group provides a different experience yet still provides a save space to come together and share their passion in music. We try to match the musicians at heart, and these sessions will use instrument playing, music improvisation, and songwriting, as a creative expression.

Groove Groups currently taking expressions of interest - please contact us to register your interest:

Halswell - Groove Group 3pm Tuesdays @ The Granada Centre - expressions of interest

Groove Groups that are currently full - please contact us to be put on the waitlist.

Halswell - 9.30am Thursdays Groove Group with Jenny @ The Granda Centre (Full Group).

Interested in joining a group or creating a new group with Southern Music Therapy? Contact us today with your ideas!

Register your interest now!

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