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Group music therapy sessions provide the opportunity for participants to interact socially through music-based activities. Group work can happen through similar clients being a part of a small group of 3-5 members or a larger groups.

Group work can be a more cost effective way of accessing music therapy however we are particular in the members we group together to ensure that the clients get the best out of the sessions.


We have Groups like:

  • Jammin’ Band: Which is a group of 5 – 7 children aged between 8-12 years old. It is an inclusive band were they get to be together in a safe and supportive creative space to promote wellness – run by a RMTh and a student;

  • Music and Movement Group which is run by a Registered Neurologic Music Therapist, and two Physiotherapists. This is for people with neurological conditions to help motivated and participate fully in their movement goals;


  • Community Music Group (yet to be named) – for people with intellectual disability to come and make music together. Aged 21 years plus;

  • Movement and Music Group – run by a Registered Neurologic Music Therapist and a Physiotherapist. In partnership with some very special musicians (top secret).  This is for people with neurological conditions who are in the community and would like to continue to work on their movement. Registered now;


  • A Choir for people with Intellectual Disability.

If you are interested in any of the above groups please contact us for more information, or to register.