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Adapted Music Lessons | Music Therapy | SMT


We offer adapted music lessons for individuals for whom traditional lessons may not be effective or appropriate. This could be a short-term process where the therapist can assess whether traditional lessons will be effective long term with some additional strategies, or whether the individual will need more adapted lessons long term to be able to master the musical skill due to a different learning style or need.   During the Adaptive Music Lessons, the learner will be supported and taught by a music therapist to gain musical skills.

Our main instruments we work with are: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Voice.

The goals are to work on the individual needs firstly, and to expand beyond mastery of an instrument.

Goals we work on within Adaptive Music Lessons are:

  • Attention/Focus – the therapist will help them find ways to stick to one idea and practice;

  • Emotional Regulation – as they confront the natural challenges of learning to play;

  • Confidence and self-worth – as they develop skills on their instrument and share with others;

  • Develop speech and Language – for voice students, singing can help target speech and language goals in a fun and motivating way with a therapist;

  • Development of fine motor skills – strength and coordination will be increased as playing an instrument requires fine motor skills.

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