Registered Music Therapist and Founder of Southern Music Therapy

In 2007 Kimberley completed her Masters in Music Therapy in Wellington. She has worked in a variety of disability settings including special education, aged care, and adult mental health.  After gaining some confidence within the profession, Kimberley felt drawn to working clinically with people with neurological conditions. She received further training in Neurologic Music Therapy, vocal psychotherapy as well as continuing courses in music and neuroscience, and communication specific courses.

She has a real drive to inspire people to use music to assist in ‘finding their voice’; encouraging them to communicate, express themselves and reach their potential.


Kimberley works with individuals, small groups and provides consultation in long-term rehabilitation services and the community. She is the song leader for the Cantabrainers choir and provides workshops and in-services promoting and educating caregivers, clients, and professionals about music therapy.

Music Therapy is a growing profession, and Kimberley looks forward to the new projects ahead, continuing to promote music therapy and developing the music therapy practice so that people can access Music Therapy.


Kimberley has a husband and two young children. She enjoys weekends off, camping, hill walks, Zumba, musicals, cafes and having a BBQ with friends. 



“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”


Registered Music Therapist for Southern Music Therapy

Jenny Lee joined the Southern Music Therapy Team in January 2017.


Since young, Jenny has always enjoyed playing the piano and making music.

While studying at Victoria University majoring in music composition, Jenny attended a few national music therapy conferences, as well as doing voluntary work in rest-homes and camp for children with disabilities. She felt drawn to the nature of work in music therapy. In 2007 Jenny completed her Masters in Music Therapy training in Wellington. Since then she has been working as a music therapist, mainly with children and adults with Neuro-disability.  She received further training in Neurology Music Therapy, and the FloorTime Approach for children with autism.

Jenny has experiencing working in both New Zealand and Singapore.

She is a talented pianist and has a key interest in improvisation. 


She likes working as a team, co-creating programmes with other therapists. She also enjoys working alongside staff and caregivers, sharing ways of using music to create a calming environment and to promote therapeutic relationships.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys going to cafes, hiking, traveling, and doing voluntary work.


​Jenny is an asset to the southern music therapy team.



“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”


Registered Music Therapist for Southern Music Therapy

May received her MA in Music Therapy in 1999 from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, and has worked as a music therapist across the lifespan in Singapore and in Auckland, in a wide variety of settings with individuals and groups in education, rest homes, the community and private practice.


May is highly committed to a person-focused, collaborative approach to music therapy that resources and empowers others. She has interests in the fields of autism, dementia and community music therapy and has had opportunities to present her work locally and overseas.


May enjoys working collaboratively with other professionals, and also provides individual clinical supervision to music therapy students and registered music therapists. She has also had a rich and diverse portfolio career which includes roles as a foster parent, teacher aide, piano teacher and library assistant.



“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”


Music Therapist for Southern Music Therapy

Lucy began at Southern Music Therapy as a Music Therapy student. She now has a Masters of Music Therapy is working with teenagers and adults with intellectual disability and in the area of Neuro-rehabilitation. Lucy enjoys helping people to express and explore emotions in a safe environment, and strongly believes in music’s unique ability to reach, connect and heal people. 

Lucy grew up in Christchurch, practicing violin from a young age. After completing her degree in Psychology and Music in Wellington she moved back to Christchurch to be part of the Southern Music Therapy team.

One of Lucy’s favourite quotes comes from Gary Ansdell’s How Music Helps in Therapy and Everyday Life:

“For me, the way of being with someone in music is the most uncomplicated form of love, really – that’s the only way I can define it. Love as being attentive to someone, being tended to, being listened to”.

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