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Creating Meaningful Connections Through Music - What style will you choose? 


Our Adeleyn design - Showcasing our incredible artwork on the front and SMT logo on the lower back. The Adeleyn t-shirt is perfect to wear with a jacket or if you are in a wheelchair/sitting for long periods of time.




CLASSIC - Adeleyn Design

  • Shipping - For now we will not be offering shipping, if you purchase a t-shirt we will be in contact with you to arrange collection. 

    Returns - No items will be refunded unless major issues are to be found. We will not accept returns if items are damaged due to general wear or lack of care for the item. If the wrong size is purchased we will accept an exchange for the right size.

    Refunds - Refunds will only be given if SMT decide the item is faulty or genuinely damaged. Refunds will not be given for the purchase of the wrong size.

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