Facilitating self-expression


Music is processed in many parts of the brain, which makes it an excellent tool for people living with a neurological disorder such as an acquired brain injury, Stroke, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s.

Individual and group programmes are devised and assist with Rehabilitation and to enhance quality of life.

The Therapy sessions can happen in the community or at the SMT clinic which is in Halswell.

Music Therapy  for someone living with a neurological disorder is effective in:

  • Facilitating self-expression and enhancing identity.

  • Improving engagement and motivation to participate

  • Building confidence and improving mood.

  • Improving communication e.g. by making speech easier to understand through enhancing breath control, volume and articulation with singing.

  • Extending movement and physical co-ordination

  • Reducing stress, tension and anxiety.


Our registered music therapists provide only the highest Calibre of services. We can create our own program to suit your needs, with the backing of our team. So, you get one therapist onsite that is supported by the team at Southern Music Therapy.  The quality of our work shines through in the client’s progress, satisfaction and their desire to come back for more.

Adding music therapy to your existing program shows both innovation and devotion to your client care. While Music Therapy is both reliable and well established, it is also unique, innovative and a HOT TOPIC right now. We work on an hourly basis, so you can determine the desired number of hours to contract, therefore you have the option to start small and grow from there. We are able to customize service options to meet your individual business needs.

“money, money, money”.

Reportedly Music Therapy is Cost effective:

The source of cost benefit will vary based on the type of business implementing the music therapy program. For a hospice or disability company the music therapy can bring in new referrals. For a hospital it may diminish the need for medication or additional staff. For a treatment centre is may increase client retention, participation and satisfaction with the services.

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“...my music therapy session was the highlight of my week. It provided me an outlet to express myself and was fundamental to my rehabilitation journey.”

- A male client, who had a stroke. He received Music Therapy for 9 months.

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