Registered Music Therapist

Lucy | Music Therapist | Southern Music Therapy

Lucy began at Southern Music Therapy as a Music Therapy student. She now has a Masters of Music Therapy is working with teenagers and adults with intellectual disability, children who have experienced trauma, and in the area of Neuro-rehabilitation. Lucy enjoys helping people to express and explore emotions in a safe environment, and strongly believes in music’s unique ability to reach, connect and heal people.

Lucy grew up in Christchurch, practicing violin from a young age. After completing her degree in Psychology and Music in Wellington she moved back to Christchurch to be part of the Southern Music Therapy team. ​


One of Lucy’s favourite quotes comes from Gary Ansdell’s How Music Helps in Therapy and Everyday Life: ​ “For me, the way of being with someone in music is the most uncomplicated form of love, really – that’s the only way I can define it. Love as being attentive to someone, being tended to, being listened to”.



Part-Time Administrator

Eline Van De Haterd | Southern Music Therapy

Eline first joined Southern Music Therapy as an intern, but now she joined the team as a part-time administrator. She is also studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Psychology where she follows her curiosity in behavioural neuroscience & brain research.


With approx. 15 years’ experience in project management & design in the building industry, she is a creative thinker with strong organisational skills. She is highly efficient, and energetic person. She developed a resilient, can do mentality from both work and life experience. She enjoys being part of a team who have shared values and work collaboratively to reach agreed goals.


She is a dedicated trail runner & a strong believer in a sustainable lifestyle.


Music Therapy Student for 2021

Valentina Muga | Music Therapist | Southern Music Therapy

Our student this year is Valentina Muga who is studying Music Therapy from the University of Barcelona.

She was stuck here after COVID, and the university has now agreed for her to studying abroad from beautiful Aotearoa.

She recently moved to Christchurch to observe and learn with Southern Music Therapy and the Cantabrainers Choir.

She says “my journey of liberating and exploring my own voice, singing with the ukulele and other people has become one of my biggest passions.

I am also very interested in holistic practices such as yoga, chanting mantras, dancing freely and being in nature”.